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Holistic Wellness. Dance Performance.
Although these two themes were always apart of our programming, it is made clear that this is now our focus. (Yay!)

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“I’ve danced for years and haven’t caught my big break😢😢😢”

This blog post continues our Tales of a Frustrated Creative series that started in March 2015. For this post, we give credit to our guest writers from Femme La Kray, Maleeka Harris and Katrina Lee.

How many dancers go through periods of feeling like an outcast in an industry of over thousands of thousands of thousands of dancers?! What happens when only a selected few dancers receive the major tv commercials? Or Broadway gigs?

Oh of course, the chosen hired dancers are amazing and talented! But what happens to the rest us who perhaps:
1)Didn’t catch the audition choreography fast enough?
2)Didn’t fit the visual casting?
3) Have very little formal dance training?

I’ll tell you what happens, we struggle! We struggle and hustle, hustle and struggle (*repeats 4ever*). We settle for local shows and nonunion or off the grid low/non-paid dance gigs. We become the leftovers(dancers who didn’t make the cut). We are still fantastic performers! Truth is, we are constantly overlooked and heavily neglected. Unfortunately in this fast paced society, industry figures don’t invest their time to mold “potential” movers.

Maybe you can’t afford dance classes due to financial circumstances. I mean, $20 a class? We can barely afford $1 pizza! Maybe you didn’t receive that special arts scholarship to dance. Should one STOP dancing because they are not with the Top dance company? Did you not work hard enough? Maybe your dance language doesn’t fall in trend with the commercial selling dance disciplines. These are all different thoughts that came to my mind and I’m sure to the mind of many Artists.

Stop the FREAKING press!! Leftovers are delicious and sometimes tastes even better than the original dish. (*sips tea*)

DANCE is universal and it is not reserved for a few individuals! You have to get to a point where you don’t give a flying f#*k! Be YOUR OWN Supporter. Always surround yourself with other artists/people whom will influence you positively & vice versa. Help each other be the best! Put on your own damn production, learn from watching/volunteering and don’t always wait to be picked up by one. Let those industry cats come to you as you mold and shape your artistry. Dance for your reasons and not for anyone else.

Stop comparing yourself to others, create your own lane baby!! Do you baby!!

So my leftover dancer friend 😊, you are a mover, never stop moving. Where there is a will there is a way and your time will come.
In fact, all of the dance events, shows, teams, volunteer work, blood, sweat, and tears are all apart of your dance journey SUCCESS!

So keep dancing and uploading your art because the only direction is forward! Besides, nothing happens over night. Stay consistent and Persevere!

* This is advice from my personal experience and dialogue exchanged with my dance friends and All kinds of artists.*

XoXo Tea & Honey XoXo

Written By: Maleeka Harris (Artistic CoFounder)
Revised & Edited By: Katrina Lee (H.Q) (Artistic CoFounder)

Femme La Kray (Copyright 2016)

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