Is Energy Medicine Christian?

This is a question I get at least once from a professed Christian at every health fair I am at giving my services to the public. It also takes the form of “Do you do this in the name of Jesus”?

My response: Are the pills and prescriptions you take for ailments and disorders in the name of Jesus?
Is that cell phone you use to take calls, text and go on the internet Christian?

Their response:

As someone who grew up in a Christian household engulfed in the Black Baptist church experience, I find the questions about the healing work of energy medicine being Christian interesting.

If you look at the work of Jesus Christ in the Bible, what is he known for?
His teachings and his healing.
So, if someone were to say to you that energy medicine is a form of natural healing, why do you need to question the validity of it being Christian? But, I get it. The work I do looks weird to uneducated eyes. Just seeing someone sitting in a chair, while another person stands over them and waves their hands around looks strange. So sometimes Christians folks that don’t understand what is happening just stand from afar and look.


Directors of Full Force, Anginese Phillips & Kadeem Alston-Roman engaging with a member of the Brooklyn community at Brooklyn Borough Hall.

I usually walk up to these people to engage in conversation about what they are seeing and give them information on how they too can experience it. Most usually agree to then have a session. (There have been times when I begin to walk up to someone and they literally run away scared. I even had one lady run away while putting up her two index fingers in a cross position pointing it towards me.) For those that don’t agree to have a session, they just continue to stand there and watch. However, these onlookers are in actuality experiencing it too. Since this work deals with healing the energy that connects us all together, by standing and “onlooking” their body is healing on a micro level.


Now you may ask, why are you picking on the Christians? What about other religions? Well, never once have I gotten:
Is energy medicine Jewish?
Is it Muslim?
Is it Hindu?
Is it Buddhist?
You get the idea.
For whatever reason only the Christians seem to feel uncomfortable by this work.


Depiction of Jesus Christ Healing the Woman with an Issue of Blood. (Luke 8:43-48)

One time I had an engaging conversation with a woman at a health fair about energy medicine and Christianity. She happened to be on #TeamOnlookers so, I walked up to her and explained what she was observing the other healing practitioners doing behind me.

She responded, “Oh, this doesn’t seem Christian” and proceeded to walk away.  I followed her and said, “Let me ask you a question. What does Jesus mean to you”?

“Oh, He is my everything – beginning and the end.”

“Great! And what was he known for in the Bible.”

“So many things”, she replied. “He was a savior, he was a teacher, a man of God, and he healed many people.”

“Right! He healed. He was a healer. So, if I tell you that the group of people behind me are healing why don’t you believe we are doing the work of Christ?”

“Well, that was Jesus though. He himself was the one that healed people.”

“Right, but in John 14 it states that we will do ‘even greater things than these’”, I replied. “So, if Jesus is saying that we will do even greater things than Him, why can’t you believe that this one of those things? I know there didn’t seem to be a system to the way that Jesus healed, but what if there was? What if we are able to tap into that same Spirit? I think we forget that Jesus was just a human being like you and me, but it was His Christ nature, that Spirit that dwelled within Him that allowed Him to do great things. That same Christ that was with Him lives in us and allows us to do even greater things. We just have to believe and trust in It. So, if we are called to live as true Christians, ‘Christ’-ians, and be more like Him, then shouldn’t we at least on a first level be able to heal as Him?”

Now, let me tell you, I had no idea I could talk so much. But this all just sprang forth out of me. The lady at first didn’t say anything. She just shook her head agreement and looked down as if she was processing everything I just said. Then she said, “Yeah. That makes sense. Thank you.”
Then she just walked away. She didn’t have a session that day, but it gave her more context on the background of the healing work that she happened to see on that day.


FullForceStress (26 of 40)

Co-Director of Full Force, Kadeem Alston-Roman Doing Energy Medicine During a Workshop.

So to answer the question, is energy medicine Christian?

Is it only Christian?

It is like asking: Do people take trains?

Do people only take trains?

We know that there are other modes of transportation that people use to get around such as walking, driving, riding the bus, taking a plane and many other ways.

Similarly to energy medicine, people within the Bible have used energy to heal but many other cultures and religions have also used energy to heal – they have their own forms of energy medicine to bring about a positive change within the lives of those that use it.


Depiction of Jesus Healing a Blind Man. (Mark 8:22-26)

Although it may not be called energy medicine, the modern church does use energy to heal from prophetic healing to the “laying on of hands”.
…And yes, even prayer. Prayer is a form of energy healing. By praying you are changing the energy of something, someone, or a situation so it is filled with more Light, Love, Peace, Joy and ultimately filled with the energy of God. This is what energy medicine is in a nutshell – using natural abilities to bring Light and positive change within a person or circumstance. In most energy medicine systems nothing is ingested, injected or topically used to bring about the healing. It just happens, seemingly like magic. But then again all m.a.g.i.c. is, is Making Available Great Insights Consciously. And that’s what energy medicine does, it brings the greatness within us to consciousness.

The specific modality of energy medicine I practice called Pranic Healing, is a highly evolved and tested system of energy medicine developed by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui that utilizes prana to balance, harmonize and transform the body’s energy processes. Prana is a Sanskrit word that means life-force. This invisible bio-energy or vital energy keeps the body alive and maintains a state of good health.* In short, it is like shining the bright sun on a very dark cloud, so the cloud can become vibrant again.

This work has been a blessing to many in my life, including my own, as I have been able to use it in a variety of situations from headaches to colds to depression and even cancer. Since using energy medicine I’ve never since been at the mercy of waiting on a medical doctor to help me. When I’m sick, I just work on myself by tapping into the Christ nature within.




**Please understand that my use of “Christians” is used very loosely in the article. There are many Christians whom are genuinely curious about the work of energy medicine and are open to it, even to the point of practicing it themselves. However, all of the negative views I’ve experienced in doing energy medicine have come from those who consider themselves Christian.

Click here to check out The Noble Touch. This is the organization I volunteer with in regards to the health fairs mentioned in this post.


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