Monday Blues

The day that most people dread.
Going back to work after the weekend to a job that people most likely hate. But hey, it pays. The money is needed to survive.

If the days of the week were people, Monday would be the most hated stepchild of a family.
On an energetic level could you imagine the self-esteem and self-confidence of Monday? Monday would definitely need therapy or an energy healing session to combat the negativity that has been compacted on by years of abuse. Monday is living its life in dirty energy.

Are you living in the dirty energy of Monday? Treating it as a hated step child? What would happen within yourself and everyone around you if you woke up sending Monday positive energy? Would the Monday blues turn into Monday (insert favorite music genre here)?

Full Force dares you to live within the goodness and happiness of Monday. We are all here on a mission and for a reason. Find the truth within and live each Monday successfully and with purpose.

You can make it.





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